February 14, 2019
Tips for Kratom Vendors on How to become GMP

Tips for Kratom Vendors on How to Become GMP

A VERY common question the BEA receives is: ‘How do I become GMP? Where do I start? Are there classes?’ Here is an answer directly from Angela Watson, our co-founder […]
November 29, 2018
Dr. Henningfield Response to FDA 8-Factor Kratom analysis

Dr. Henningfield et al. Response to the FDA 8-Factor Kratom Analysis

The facts are clear, twelve world-recognized Kratom experts that have come together to conclude Kratom is in fact safe.   (see the full review here)   Main Conclusions: FDA’s 8-Factor […]
April 27, 2018
John Shilholser and Dr. Huge Hanson Botanical Education Alliance Board Members

Kratom Movement Gains Recovery and Addiction Medicine Experts as a New Board Members

    John Shinholser and Dr. Hugo Hanson join the Botanical Education Alliance’s team to provide guidance and education on the recovery and health benefits of kratom.   ATLANTA, GA […]