Educate, Advocate and Take Action for Kratom

A Winning Strategy for Today and Tomorrow
Proven excellence in protecting that which matters most, your right to choose

The BEA prides itself on being the first kratom advocacy group in the United States to appear in person to educate policy makers and to serve as the voice that the kratom community deserves.

We have overcome the emergency scheduling that the DEA and FDA introduced through education, advocacy, and action. Through your continued support and donations, we have achieved what most thought was impossible.   

Venable Law Firm, a Legal Powerhouse

To continue with this amazing work, the BEA is currently working with the Venable Law Firm, a legal powerhouse in the natural products industry that is renowned for its success in handling complex issues and being able to navigate the regulatory landscape that the DEA and FDA operate within.

The team that completed our 285 page scientific review in phase 1 which was submitted to dispute the emergency scheduling is now working with a team of PhD’s who collectively have over 60 years of experience in toxicology, New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) Applications, and over 6 years of experience working with kratom.

Dr. John G. Moore Venable

Dr. John G. Moore, has had an extensive career in the industry of food and safety, in particular, when working with laws and regulations administered by the FDA and U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). Dr. Moore’s counseling expertise originates from his academic background in biochemistry, chemistry, and working within in the food processing industry. Find out more about Dr. Moore.

Todd. A. Harrison Venable

Todd A. Harrison, a Venable partner, focuses on complex regulatory issues dealing with legality and safety involving foods, drugs, dietary supplements, and homeopathic remedies. With regards to New Dietary Ingredient Applications, food marketing, dietary supplements, structure/function claims, and health claims he is second to none and a recognized leader in the natural products industry. Find out more about Todd Harrison.

Ashley V. Saba

Ashley V. Saba previously worked at the FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER). This is significant because the FDA will defer to CDER for their medical and scientific evaluation of kratom for their 8-Factor Analysis. Find out more about Ashley Saba.

Venable law firm has also engaged a private firm with 18 offices around the world whose 80 experts in toxicological risk and abuse liability assessments determine whether a product poses a potential risk to human health.

This group’s white paper will further support the 285 page scientific paper that the BEA has already submitted to the DEA. This unparalleled scientific paper, has already demonstrated that kratom’s alkaloids, Mitragynine and 7-OH, are in fact safe and kratom should not be a Schedule 1 substance.

We are confident that we can provide scientific evidence that kratom should not be a Schedule 1 substance. In the long term, we must prepare to educate, advocate, and take action by pro-actively making the first move against the incoming roadblocks positioned by the FDA.

Through vendor compliance, NDI Applications, and consumer education we will utilize the same team to help the community with the Import Alert aka Red List Alert.

Thank you Kratom Community

On behalf of the BEA team, we thank you. It has been a humbling experience to serve the resilient kratom community for the past 3 years and we hope we can continue to be your voice to educate, advocate and take action for what matters most, your right to choose.

If you any questions, please contact us directly at:

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