What Happens to Kratom after the Public Comment Period Ends? (Dec 1st)

Kratom Comment Period

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We are days away from the DEA comment period closing. Have you submitted your comments yet?

If not, please do so and visit the federal register here.

Once the comment period closes, we will wait for the FDA to submit their 8 factor analysis. The FDA could potentially submit their analysis on Dec. 1st or afterwards (there is no deadline for the FDA’s submission).

After the submission is registered on the DEA docket, you can check the docket for updates.

At this point, we will have 30 days to review the submission and provide additional scientific data to refute the data that the FDA has provided.

So PLEASE continue with these two tasks:

  1. Writing to your senate and/or house representatives
  2. Donating to the BEA

The bills to keep kratom legal are steep, and donations come in small increments so we ask you to please contribute regularly!

Once again, the BEA thanks you all so much for your passion and efforts to keep kratom legal!

Travis & Angela