How to Help Improve the Safety of Kratom Extracts

Kratom Extracts


Extracts and their Challenges


As dietary supplements become more popular within our nation, we start to see more and a greater number of vendors pop up. Unfortunately, Some of which whom have little regard for the laws that have been put in place to protect your heath.  This issue is not just in the Kratom industry but has been well documented in many food and drug companies.


To our disappointment, it is kratom that keeps making the news and we want to ensure that vendors and consumers are following the FDA guidelines for GMP and the laws for allowable extract solvents.


Ensuring the Safety of You, the Consumer


We at the BEA have been at the forefront to ensure we educate both consumers and vendors on being compliant. Kratom United posted a notice a few months back with a warning in regards to adulterated extract products, and this is a follow up to that posting.


We have previously highlighted some of these issues; including ensuring your kratom comes from companies that follow cGMP guidelines (compliant companies that perform the necessary testing to provide you with the safe product you deserve).


It has come to our attention that there is an emerging trend in the industry where companies are using potentially toxic solvents to make their extracts.  Many of these products have come from manufacturers outside the US.


Since extracts have become increasingly popular with consumers we need to highlight the potential risks of buying unknown extract products especially those not manufactured by established companies:


“Not for Human Consumption” Means Food Safe Standards are NOT required


Any safe extract should be made using solvents that fall under the FDA’s approved solvents for botanical extracts in dietary supplements or food products.


Remember, if you buy a product that is Labelled NOT FOR HUMAN consumption then no food safe standards are required.


A key aspect of any safe extract is the removal of the solvents used.  If this removal process is not undertaken correctly, a higher than normal % of the solvent can remain, which can cause potential health risks dependent upon the solvents used.


Mandatory Questions to Ask Your Kratom Vendor


The following questions can be asked of the manufacturer to eliminate some of these concerns.


  • Is your extract made in the US?
  • Is the extract you are purchasing manufactured by a cGMP compliant facility?
  • Are solvents used GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe)? If not what are they? (Note there are several solvents that are not GRAS that are approved for Extractions).
  • Do you provide a botanical identity test to ensure there are not other contaminants in the extract?
  • Does your product have directions of use and a suggested dose?