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Educate Your Congressman with a Kratom Book

Kratom: A Product of Use, Not a Product of Abuse is Now Available


Launch day has arrived. After months of hard work, countless revisions, and essentially squeezing out every last bit of sweat and effort from our small yet dedicated BEA team, “Kratom: A Product of Use, Not a Product of Abuse” is now available.

In the spirit of community and acknowledgement, BEA is proud to take FULL credit of this book.

Well, not really.

We had no more to do with the contents of this book, than a dog owner has to do with their golden retriever being friendly.  The kratom community is one heck of a resilient bunch and were the ones that made this happen with all the valuable content they’ve provided over the years. You’ll see exactly what we mean when you read this book.

The Goal of BEA’s Kratom Book


Our goal with this project was to establish the true voice of our kratom community: outspoken, educated, and passionate. Whether it’s the testimonial of an 8 year army veteran who was on the verge of committing suicide, the trio of historical bi-partisan Congressional letters standing up in against the DEA’s proposed kratom ban or the AKA’s well-researched 8-factor analysis thoroughly citing the medical safety of kratom, there has been no shortage of extraordinary advocates who go above and beyond for this herb. 264 pages full of kratom content to be exact!

For that, we are eternally grateful.

We are grateful, but please don’t mistake that for being complacent. With this book and with the BEA, we are men and women on a mission: to educate, advocate and take action for kratom.

Because this is the most comprehensive kratom book to date, people need to know about it. That includes you, me, your friends, family, legislators, scientists, law enforcement, policy advocates and just about every darn person who cares about the health and well-being of American citizens.

Time to Educate Your Senators and House Representatives


Education is the cure to ignorance and rest assured there is no shortage of that in our society no matter where you go.

So, we ask YOU not as kratom consumers but as kratom advocates to help grant us our wish of making this book reach the tables of every influential lawmaker in our country.

535 to be exact. 100 Senators and 435 House Representatives.

Check out the full list of House Representatives and Senators that need a kratom book. If you want to buy one (or multiple) on behalf of a Congressman or Congresswoman, follow the instructions below. We will update our list daily. With your help we can cross off the list together, all 535 of them.

Follow these Steps:

  •  Purchase a book either softcover or hardcover.
  •  While purchasing your book in the checkout process, you can add a note. In that note, tell us which Senator or House Representative you want your copy to be sent to.
  •  Proudly shout us out on social media (msg us on Twitter – @BotanicalEdu, Post on our Facebook Wall, or tag us in an Instagram pic – @BotanicalEdu) saying which Congressman you sent it to along with the hashtag: #LearningNeverStops

Once you do that, we’ll cross off that Congressman from the list and write your name beside them acknowledging that you sent them a book. You’ll also receive a shout out on our social media channels and a personal thank you card sent to your home address.

Even though we will be updating the list daily, we anticipate that multiple people may purchase books for their Congressman/Senator at the same time. If the person you’ve chosen has already had a copy sent to them then we’ll forward your copy to another legislator in your state to help fill out the list!

Well, let’s get the ball rolling shall we?


P.S. Below is an updated graphic of Dr. Jane Babin’s diagram on pg 37-38. We’ve updated the latest versions to include this.

Thank you for your feedback! (this is taken from a comment submitted from the DEA so it is the highest quality available)

Jane Babin Edited Diagram

Softcover Version

BEA Kratom Book for Congress


Hardcover Version

BEA Kratom Book for Congress