Prevent the FL Kratom Ban – Write a letter (we provided one for you!)

Save Florida from Kratom Ban

Let’s get straight to it!

We don’t want kratom banned in FL and as of now there are TWO proposed bills from the House (HB 183) and Senate (SB 424) asking for exactly that.

Now, it’s time for our response, the kratom community’s response, YOUR response.

We’ve provided a sample letter below, similar to to the hugely successful Pocan/Salmon letter that gathered a whopping 51 Congressmen and women to sign in favor of kratom. You’ve experienced the power of the people rallying to make change happen, let’s do it again.

Please follow the step below:

UPDATE: We’ve created a template letter that automatically sends out to ALL of the relevant House Reps and Senators from the Criminal Justice Subcommittee’s

Step 1

Fill out the template here and send

All American residents can send and should send this email.

Remember to use the letter template as an example, rather than simply copy and pasting!


FL Letter to Prevent Kratom Ban


The two lists we are sending the letters to include the House Criminal Justice Subcommittee and Senate Criminal Justice Committee, both of which are responsible for making the decisions on whether the existing House and Senate Bills will proceed to the floor of Congress.

We want to stop it before it ever reaches the floor.


Step 2

If you’re from Florida, please give them a quick call at these numbers:

Similar to the letter, tell them your background, relationship with kratom and that you oppose HB 183 and SB 424.

Shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. Please do it today!

House Criminal Justice Subcommittee

Julio, Gonzalez                     (941) 480-356

James “J.W.” Grant             (813) 265-6272

Gayle B. Harrell                   (772) 221-4011

Chris Latvala                         (727) 724-3000

Jared Evan Moskowitz        (954) 346-2848

Daniel D. Raulerson            (813) 757-9110

Thad Altman                         (321) 409-2022

Dane Eagle                            (239) 772-1291

David Richardson                (305) 535-5426

Bob Rommel                         (239) 417-6200

Jennifer Mae Sullivan         (352) 742-6275

Emily Slosberg                     (561) 496-5940

Sharon, Pritchett                 (954) 432-1557

Ross Spano                           (813) 744-625

Senate Criminal Justice Subcommittee

Randolph Bracy                   (850) 487-5011

Dennis Baxley                      (850) 487-5012

Aaron Bean                          (850) 487-5004

Rob Bradley                         (850) 487-5005

Jeff Brandes                         (850) 487-5024

Jeff Clemens                        (850) 487-5031

Daryl Ervin Rouson           (850) 487-5019