URGENT Message to Kratom Vendors: FDA Compliance is a MUST

FDA Compliance for Kratom Industry

Dear Kratom Vendors,

Fight back against organizations that are against kratom by following your federal and state laws. Don’t make it any easier for them by not being compliant.

If you want to save kratom and your business from legislation, you must read this letter and come to a clear understanding of what needs to be done.

Why Now?

The legality of kratom is under threat! This is evident from the recent letter addressed to President-Elect Donald Trump from Daniel Fabricant, the CEO of NPA (Natural Products Association). In the letter, Fabricant, previously the director of the FDA’s Division of Dietary Supplement Program, states:

“NPA has taken the side of strong industry enforcement, advocating that finished kratom products and raw kratom botanical ingredients have not met the strict standards products and new ingredients must adhere to in order to be marketed to the public and deemed safe for regular use in either our food or our drug supply.”

See the full letter here.

While we do not agree with Fabricant’s statement relating to safety, he is also speaking directly to the lack of regulation and unethical marketing that exists in the kratom industry, something we’ve all been aware of in recent years and something we can fix!

We implore all vendors to follow the guidelines set out by the FDA, and all consumers to just say NO to products and companies that are not following the guidelines.

If we keep on continuing with business as usual, we will not be able to continue marketing kratom. The best way to redeem kratom’s industry reputation is to become compliant with FDA guidelines.

Under the FOIA (Freedom of Information Act), the BEA has attained internal emails between FDA staff. These emails revealed information that referenced the CSPI (Centre for Science in the Public Interest), a top nutrition and consumer advocate organization, requesting that the FDA to take action against kratom.

If we do not follow suit, the new administration will turn to the NPA and CSPI for guidance on kratom.  Why the CSPI? As the largest non-profit consumer group, organizations like the CSPI have enormous leverage and influence with federal agencies.

No matter how many doctors, toxicologists, and proven scientific studies are in favor of kratom, it will all fall on deaf ears if companies are unable to follow even the simplest of guidelines recommended by the FDA (see below).

How Kratom Vendors Can Become Compliant

Follow the FDA’s labeling guidelines on their website

If you have any more questions or concerns, please email ryan@botanical-education.org