What’s Next for Kratom? – Donald Trump’s Presidency & Administration

Donald Trump Kratom

After the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States of America, it looks like we have some time to educate, advocate and taken action for kratom.

As when any new administration comes in, any pending rules are administratively stayed. Meaning, the existing rules stay in place until the incoming administration has the chance to review them.

So, our journey begins once the existing rules are given the chance to be either: issued, modified or removed altogether.  An opportunity like this is can be an excellent way to provide new government officials the education and materials needed to learn the benefits of kratom.

This is a reason to stay positive, keep faith and to continue working towards keeping kratom legal for both the state and federal level.

As a result, our main goal will be to educate the new administration that kratom is a SAFE, NON-addictive product for beneficial use and not product abuse. 

A goal that we can ALL help accomplish together.